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DynaVap Captive Caps

DynaVap Captive Caps


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What’s in the Box

  • 1x DynaVap Captive Cap OR Low Temp Captive Cap
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The latest DynaVap Captive Caps have been engineered to better distribute airflow and handle lower temperature vaping options. DynaVap offers a Low Temp Captive Cap and the original Captive Cap.

The Original Captive Cap

The original DynaVap Captive Cap is now updated with new functional geometry that gives more utility to this already-useful accessory of VapCaps. The new design helps keep the Captive Cap in place during use while also allowing for better distribution of airflow and an improved tactile indication of the heat-up and cool-down clicks.

The Low Temp Captive Cap

The Low Temp Captive Cap delivers great flavors and a lower heating temperature, all while helping to preserve your material. The Low Temp Captive Cap comes with an updated logo to help you differentiate it from your standard Cap, and now comes with the Captive technology.