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Grenco Science G Pen Connect Vaporizer

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by Grenco Science

Vaporizer for solid concentrate use



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Grenco Science G Pen Connect Vaporizer

Free Gift

by Grenco Science

Vaporizer for solid concentrate use




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Grenco Science G Pen Connect Vaporizer


The G Pen Connect vaporizer turns any 14mm water pipe with a glass-to-glass connection into a powerful e-rig. The palm-sized, portable G Pen Connect is engineered with patented reverse airflow technology to provide smooth and tasty vapor. And a spring-loaded carb release button to increase the amount of airflow and effectively clear the chamber. The ceramic heating element of the G Pen Connect evenly heats solid concentrate to deliver pure, flavorful vapor. To top it off, the Connect is made from stainless steel and can be taken apart for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Read how the G Pen Connect portable vaporizer performs in real world situations in our G Pen Connect Review.

The G Pen Connect Battery and Temperature Flexibility

The Connect vaporizer features a magnetic 850mAh battery that’s equipped with three temperature settings (blue: 3.1 volts, green: 3.6 volts, and red: 4.1 volts) that can reach your preferred temperature within 5 seconds. You can also expect 10-15 sessions from a single charge.

Use Extended Draw Mode For Longer Sessions

An added bonus is “extended draw mode” which allows you to have back to back sessions. Activate the Extended Draw Mode by clicking the power button twice and wait for the “G” to turn solid. The heating will stay at full temperature for 10 seconds. Battery life will depend on the voltage you use. 

Vapor Quality

The Connect delivers top vapor quality thanks to the ceramic bowl. Ceramic doesn't taint your vapors flavors, and the option to toggle between three temperature settings gives you an experience not possible with traditional nails.

The G Pen Connect Is Compatibility With 14mm Female Joints

The G Pen Connect’s flexibility is a game changer because it works with any water piece that has a glass-on-glass joint. Once purchased, your Connect will come with a 14mm Male adapter that’s suitable for any glass pipe with a 14mm Female joint. carries additional G Pen attachments, including 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm Male  and Female adaptors if you want to purchase them separately.

G Pen Connect Vaporizer - How It Works?

  • Load your concentrate into the ceramic tank and secure the magnetic cap
  • Attach the tank to the top of the battery via magnetic plate, and insert the glass adapter into the open end
  • Insert the glass end into your water pipe; five clicks will power on the G Pen Connect, and three clicks will take you through the different voltages
  • Once you’ve decided on your temperature, two clicks will begin the heat-up process for the G Pen Connect. The button will flash for five seconds indicating the heat-up phase, then the light will hold solid for 10 seconds to let you know when it’s reached the maximum heating output
  • From there, you can take a draw and enjoy your water-filtered concentrate

How To Clean The Connect

Cleaning the G Pen Connect isn’t difficult.You’ll need a few cotton swabs and a cleaning solution. To clean the Connect start by disassembling everything. You can submerge the following parts in ISO alcohol:

  • Glass adapter
  • Adapter connector
  • Carb button
  • Spring

Dip the cotton swab into your cleaning solution and clean the tank, atomizer, and anywhere else there's residue. Then, take out your parts from your solution, place each part on a paper towel and let them dry before putting them back together. You might need to run a burn cycle to evaporate any excess alcohol. Once you assemble the vaporizer, the Connect is ready to be used.

G Pen Connect Tips and Tricks

  • During heating, you can press the button to cancel the process
  • Pressing and holding the button will manually heat the Connect for up to 15 seconds

Who Is The G Pen Connect Best For?

The Connect is perfect for concentrate users who are one the go and want to enjoy their material efficiently. It’s portable and you can easily stuff it into your backpack and bring it to a friends house for a session. 

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