2020 Vaping Recap

2020 Vaping Recap

2020 was a year none of us will soon forget, most of us found ourselves enjoying the comforts of our own homes for most of the year and trying to find ways to make quarantining fun. While some new devices did manage to get released this year there was a lack of big-ticket device drops like we see in "non-2020" type years, so we had to go back to some old favorites to pass the time inside. The down time did give some of us a chance to try different materials and devices to discover new ways to enjoy concentrates and dry herbs. It was a chaotic year, but hopefully you found some peace during solo sessions.

Best Devices For Bored Dry Herb Or Concentrate Users

Personally I am usually a dry herb preferred vape user, but given the down time of 2020 found myself wanting to try and "get into" concentrates more. With so little of anything to do last year it seemed like vape users were trying new materials to try and spice up their down time (though hopefully not using *that* kind of spice.) We're going to look at two devices that were great for users who wanted to switch up their material consumption. 

The Best Dry Herb Vape For Concentrate Users 

Those consumers that wanted to dry a dedicated dry herb vaporizer hopefully found themselves using the G Pen Dash, a great little vaporizer that delivers tasty vapor from a compact package. 

The G Pen Dash - $69.95

black G Pen Dash portable vaporizer 

The G Pen Dash features 3 temperature options (375°F, 401°F, and 475°F) and a "glass-glazed" stainless steel heating path to help your dry herb's flavor flourish. Haptic feedback lets you know when the device has reached your selected temperature so you never miss the optimum time for a draw. Ease of use is the biggest selling point for the G Pen Dash, as there isn't a steep learning curve for those who might be used to concentrate-centric devices. We've got a more comprehensive review of the G Pen Dash here for more information. 

The Best Concentrate Device For Dry Herb Users

Dry herb users who tried diving into concentrates during their down time had a LOT of options when it came to consumption. My personal favorite device for trying concentrates was the uber-easy-to-use Boundless Terp Pen. 

Boundless Terp Pen - $29.99

Boundless Terp Pen


The Boundless Terp Pen is as straight forward as a concentrate pen can get, and that makes it great for a dry herb user like me who tends to get a little messy when using concentrates. All you have to do to enjoy thick vapor clouds is dip the ceramic coils of the Terp Pen (enlarged above) directly onto your concentrate and take a draw. There is an included carb cap that helps with discretion or "pre loading" draws. There is only one temperature on the Boundless Terp Pen but it is perfectly calibrated for concentrates and with a little manipulation of the carb cap airflow the Terp Pen can be more versatile than you think. For more information about the Boundless Terp Pen read our in-depth review here.

The Last E-Rigs of 2020

With limited releases this year due to manufacturing and shipping constraints concentrate users might have felt a little...bored with the state of new devices in 2021. The biggest brands to contribute to the e-rig revolution in 2020 was G Pen and Dr. Dabber, but they made sure not to disappoint as their newest e-rigs helped move the year along nicely.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO - $329.95

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is the newest drop from e-rig pioneer Dr. Dabber and this unit does not disappoint. 6 calibrated temperature options allow users to explore their material from a taste or cloud production perspective. One of the best parts about the Boost EVO is that it utilizes a temperature control system to keep your heating even; e-rigs used to rely on a set voltage to hold temperatures which led to constant heating and uneven experiences, the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO's temperature control keeps session smooth. The water filtration system means that even on the highest temperatures you'll get an easily enjoyable draw. To learn more about the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO read our review and see if you need to add this to your vape arsenal. 

G Pen Roam - $249.95

G Pen Roam Vaporizer 


Effective on-the-go water filtration has been a tricky feature to do well for e-rigs, but the G Pen Roam has come as close to perfecting this session-booster as anyone. The G Pen Roam uses an enclosed glass "Hydro Tube" to smooth out your draws anywhere you're enjoying a session, while having an enclosed glass tube on-the-go might seem a little risky G Pen made the Roam's housing uber-durable and able to protect the inner workings of the device well. A quartz tank gets the Roam up to temperature quickly and a 600°F-800°F temperature range lets you blow gigantic clouds when ready. For more information on how the G Pen Roam could elevate your sessions read our review here

What To Look For In 2021

With the new year off to a locked-down start it’s tough to say how this year will play out with device releases. Given the shocking lack of devices from 2020 we can (hopefully) expect more arrivals in 2021, perhaps a revolutionary device that got shelved due to shipping problems will launch before April, who knows? For now the vaporizer community has to simply wait and see what 2021 has in store for us, here's to new devices that make dry herb and concentrate consumption even more enjoyable and efficient.