Creep it Real

Creep it Real

During the Halloween season, a lot of scary things pop up—ghosts, goblins, and horror movies. But what's truly terrifying? An Eyce counterfeit product (cue final girl scream here).

There are plenty of reasons to steer clear of counterfeit products. For starters, they pose a number of serious health and safety risks, lack the backing of Eyce's Lifetime Warranty, and their colors aren't nearly as vibrant and unique as Eyce's.

Creep it real this Halloween (and honestly, every day) by ensuring the silicone product you purchase is Eyce Authentic!

Eyce Pipes

What to look for in an Authentic Eyce Product:

  • Patent Perfection - Look for patented or patent-pending markings on the piece.
  • Coolest Colorways - Eyce takes pride in its unique and vibrant colorways. If you're unsure whether a color you see on a silicone product is an Eyce color, check to confirm.
  • The Legacy of the Logo - If you don't spot the classic Eyce logo anywhere on the piece, there's a good chance that it's a counterfeit product.
  • Authority in Authorized Retailers - We always recommend purchasing through an authorized vendor, like
  • We Guarantee - That any silicone piece you purchase from us is Eyce Authentic!


How to tell if an Eyce Product is Fake


In the End

The last thing someone wants to hear about any product, especially an authentic one, is news of counterfeit in circulation. Luckily for you, we at Eyce are experts at authenticating our own products and recognizing the fakes! With this knowledge of what to look for when shopping, you can trust that your purchase is always Eyce Authentic. 

Here are Some of the Most Popular Eyce Pieces

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