Vaping 101: How To Use A Vape Pen

Vaping 101: How To Use A Vape Pen

Many of our customers contact us with questions about how to get the most out of their new vape pens.

Your vape pen, which may also go by the name wax pen, dry herb vape pen, or dab pen, is a portable vaporizer that falls into its own class by virtue of its discreet, pen-shaped design. By resembling a pen or ecigarette, these vaporizers are an especially stealthy way to medicate. They’re also ideal for on-the-go vaping.

Before you start step one of this guide, make sure to read your device’s manual to fully understand how to get the most from your device. Now, here’s the best vape pen advice for getting started right out of the box.

Step 1. Power Up And "Burn Off"

While some vape pen batteries come charged, many will require charging before use. It can take awhile for some batteries to fully charge, so get a head start and begin powering up as soon as you receive your new vaporizer. This will also ensure your battery is working upon arrival.

After your vape pen is charged, hold down the power/heating button for a few minutes to perform a “burn off”; even when high-quality materials and state of the art manufacturing are involved, the manufacturing environment and process of making these devices can sometimes introduce dust particles or oil residues on vape pen parts.

After you’ve completed the burn off, you’re ready to attach a cartridge and enjoy vaping from your new device.

Step 2. Loading Material or Attaching Your Cartridge

Your vape pen will vaporize dry herb or concentrates via a built-in atomizer or a pre-filled cartridge.

Built-In Atomizer Loading

Concentrate vape pens with a built in atomizer require you to directly fill the cartridge yourself with a concentrate tool, while dry herb vape pens can be loaded with just a pinch of material.

The general rule of thumb when loading a concentrate atomizer for the first time is to use a “grain of rice” sized amount of material to see how quickly and efficiently the material is vaporized. From there, you can add small amounts until you find the perfect amount.

 Dry herb vape pen loading is the same, use a small amount for your first session and slowly work your way up from there.

After your material is loaded, securely replace the mouthpiece of your vaporizer and make sure no material can escape.

Vape Pen Cartridge Attachment

Most vape pens that use a pre-filled cartridge will be 510-threaded, also known as “universal threading” in the vape pen world.

Screw your vape cartridge into your battery clockwise and make it firmly finger-tight, if you screw your cartridge on and find that you’re not getting any feedback from your battery, loosen it a quarter-turn and try again.

Step 3: Powering On And Choosing A Temperature

Each vape pen is different, but most will power up via 3 clicks of the power button. From there, a light will turn on indicating the device is ready to be used.

After you turn on your vape pen, you’ll choose a temperature; some vape pens are single-temp and others are variable voltage devices that give you a few options when it comes to heating. If you’re using a single temp vape pen, congratulations you can skip this step!

Variable Voltage Vape Pen Settings

Variable voltage vape pens will usually offer 3 temperature settings between 3.3v and 4.8v, the higher the voltage the more voluminous vapor will be produced while lower voltages bring out your material’s flavor.

Each vape pen is unique but the most common way to change temperatures after powering up is to click the power button 3 more times, you’ll see the color of the light on your pen change indicating voltage options. Green is usually the lowest option, blue the middle, and red for the highest. If you’re having trouble changing temps, remember that you can always go back and consult your device’s manual.

Once your temperature is met, you can begin to take a draw from your vape pen.

Step 4: How To Take A Draw From A Vape Pen

Now that you’ve settled on a desired temperature (or are going with the one option your device gave you) you can enjoy your material.

If your device has a single temperature, there is a chance it is an “auto draw” vape pen, meaning all you need to do to enjoy vapor is power up, and start to inhale. If it is not auto-draw, hold down the power button while inhaling. Again, this is where your manual will come in handy.

Variable voltage vape pens require you to hold down the button as you inhale, allowing you to budget your draw times depending on how much you want to feel the effects of your material.

Take a slow, steady draw and then exhale. As you become more comfortable with your device you’ll find out the perfect draw length and intensity needed for the perfect hit.


We hope you enjoy your new vape pen and that this guide has made it a little easier to understand how to use. Remember that if all else fails you can consult your manual, or reach out to customer service for advice.


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