15 Best Ceramic Vape Pens of 2018

15 Best Ceramic Vape Pens of 2018

Sure, ceramic wax atomizers might take longer to heat than quartz. 

But there's a twist…

That slow and low heating releases better flavor and smoothness from concentrates. 

Ready to bring on the feels? Here's our list of the best ceramic vape pens.

15 Best Ceramic Vaporizers

Yocan Magneto - $59.99


  • Magnetic Connections

  • Integrated Wax Container

  • Multi-layered Ceramic Atomizer

  • Powerful 1100mAh Battery

Yocan Magneto is an affordable option with two cool features that, in my humble opinion, make it one of the best ceramic vape pens.

The ceramic atomizer is unique. A box-shaped heating element melts wax down, while the ceramic cup vaporizes it. The vapor is intensely flavored and easy to inhale.

The Magneto lives up to its name with magnetic connections. There's no threading, which to me equals no headaches.

The battery is stronger than most on this list. That means you have to charge longer but you get more battery life. Not a bad trade-off.

I recommend Magneto as a budget-friendly ceramic vape. The double-layered atomizer is also great for oily concentrates.

SOURCE Slim 3 Travel Kit - $49.95


  • Adjustable Airflow

  • Hidden Concentrate Jar

  • Variable Voltage (3.2v-4.8v)

  • Three Premium Atomizers

  • Leak-Proof Splash Caps

  • Travel-Friendly Design

  • Black Chrome Finish

This is the SOURCE Slim 3 - Travel Kit. I'm impressed by the build-quality, travel-friendly size, and vapor production.

It comes with 3 SOURCE atomizers. Their quality and design is nothing short of amazing. The ceramic terra coilless atomizer features a quartz dish and delivers smooth vapor.

I love how customizable this ceramic vape pen is. You can adjust airflow AND voltage.

The build is high-quality and made of high-grade metal. The black chrome finish looks and feels heavy-duty.

A very compact design lets you enjoy smooth vapor on-the-go, especially with the coilless ceramic atomizer.

Dr. Dabber Aurora AHOL - $109.95


  • Trippy Artwork 

  • Three Atomizers

  • Three Heat Settings

  • Ceramic Mouthpiece

  • Magnetic Connections

  • Low-Temperature Heating

  • Ahol-designed Accessories

The Dr. Dabber Aurora AHOL is a trippy version of the original Aurora with more accessories and swag included. I love the design, usability, and vapor.

Magnetic connections are a nice touch. Just snap on the atomizer and go.

The atomizers are premium. The ceramic halo has a quartz dish. It's no surprise the vapor is comfortable with amazing flavor. You also get a dual ceramic rod and single quartz rod.

This collector's edition vape pen comes in a faux spray can with accessories and AHOL swag. The artwork is psychedelic, a spitting image of artist Ahol Sniffs Glue's street murals.

If you're not a fan of the flashy design, you can enjoy the same quality from the original Aurora at a lower price point. It's more subtle with a satin matte finish in black.

Linx Hypnos Zero - $79.99


  • Coilless Ceramic Plate Atomizer

  • Chemical-Free Air Path

  • Lab-Grade Steel

  • Four Preset Temperatures

  • 650mAh Battery

This is the Linx Hypnos Zero, arguably one of the best ceramic vape pens out there.

I found the vapor intensely flavorful. And that's to say nothing of the smoothness and potency.

Its body is made of medical-grade stainless steel that is durable yet lightweight, and the atomizer features a 100% pure ceramic plate.

The efficiency with which the ceramic coilless atomizer vaporizes concentrates is truly impressive. It leaves no wax unvaporized. Nor does it burn its contents.

Choose between 4 presets and vape in three-seconds.

The resulting vapor is better than anyone would expect from a little vape pen. And with a super compact design, you can enjoy it from anywhere.

SOURCE Orb 4 Premium Kit - $99.95


  • USA-Tested Titanium Coils

  • Six Premium Atomizers
  • Magnetic Lock

  • Adjustable Airflow

  • Stainless Steel 303 Build

  • Lifetime Warranty

  • Variable Voltage

Source Orb 4 - Premium Kit isn't just one of the best ceramic vaporizers. It's one of the best vaporizers--period.

The construction is solid, simple, and to-the-point. The chamber has a magnetic lid so it's very easy to access the atomizer. And easy-to-use rings twist to adjust voltage and airflow.

Here's what makes this ceramic vape pen great...

You get six atomizers, each boasting a different experience. The SOURCE Nail is coil-less with a removable bucket that's very easy to clean or replace. To my knowledge, this is the only atomizer of its kind.

I love how there are eight settings. I'm used to three or four, which limits what you can do. More settings mean more exploration.

I was able to get really small, really flavorful sips on lower voltages, and really big, robust rips on higher temperatures. You can play around with voltage and airflow settings to explore different vapor profiles.

What a great balance of form and function this pen has. The build quality, vapor, and versatility are second to none.

ThisThingRips ReMix - $86.99


  • Double Wall Ceramic Atomizer

  • Great Airflow

  • 650mAh Battery

  • See-Through Chamber

  • Low-Temperature

  • Discreet Pen Cap

The Remix is a cool looking wax pen with a ceramic coilless atomizer. The design is unique with a bright red see-through chamber so you can watch clouds form. A pen cap keeps it discreet when you're not vaping.

The ceramic cup evenly vaporizes material at low temps, so the vapor is comfortable and flavorful but you'll want to take longer draws if you want bigger hits.  

The battery has multiple settings and when you first turn it on, it conveniently goes straight to the last setting you used. This removes the unnecessary step of choosing a temperature at the start of every session.

This is a fun ceramic vape with good vapor quality. Highly recommended for anyone who likes low-temp hits.

KandyPens Prism - $127.99


  • Ceramic Heating Chamber with Ceramic Plate

  • Two Glass Mouthpieces

  • Sub-Ohm Battery

  • Preset Temperatures

  • Pocket-Friendly

  • Micro-USB and Lightning Charging

KandyPens Prism is small but it has a sub-ohm battery. You get portability AND power.

The coil-less ceramic atomizer has two parts: An all-ceramic chamber and ceramic plate. It heats wax evenly. Nothing gets left behind. Instead, every morsel turns into milky vapor. You also get a dual quartz rod for bigger hits. Also included is a dual quartz for large rips. 

The glass mouthpiece is a nice touch. (You get two of them in the box). The glass preserves natural flavors and allows vapor to cool a little.

You can charge via Micro-USB or Lightning, and you can vape while you charge.

I love the stainless steel design. It feels solid but lightweight. Perfect for on-the-go vaping.

Puffco Plus - $89.99


  • Ceramic Coilless Atomizer

  • Built-in Loading Tool

  • Three Presets (580F, 650F, 720F)

  • Sesh Mode

  • USB Charging

  • Rapid Heating

  • Sleek Design

Puffco Plus has a ceramic loading tool built into its atomizer, which eliminates the need to carry an extra tool with you.

The atomizer itself is ceramic coilless. I got super smooth hits and good flavor from it, especially on the medium setting.

The battery is variable voltage with three settings. There's also Sesh Mode. This setting is valuable in that it keeps the coil heated for 12 seconds so you can keep hitting or pass it off to a friend without pressing the button.

I really enjoyed each puff from this pen. It is simple and sophisticated enough for me to recommend it to anyone.

Dr Dabber Aurora - $99.95


  • Magnetic Attachments  

  • Ceramic Mouthpiece

  • Variable Voltage

  • Sleek Design

  • Ceramic Halo Atomizer

  • Matte Satin Finish

This is the original Dr Dabber Aurora and it is the quintessential ceramic vape pen. It is compact, functional, and sleek.

I always felt that screwing on an atomizer was an unnecessary chore. That's why the snap-on connections seal the deal for me. All the components attach magnetically. The magnet strength is perfect. Just strong enough to keep it attached AND easy to detach.

The three atomizers are top-notch. Each one is lined in quartz. The max capacity is roughly half a gram.

The coil-less ceramic halo activates intense flavor. The dual ceramic is wrapped in titanium with a quartz-lined chamber. The dual quartz makes big, smooth clouds.

Each atomizer is geared toward low-temp, high flavor hits. For that reason, you want to take longer five to ten second draws to get a nice big hit.

This vape pen performs well enough that I can highly recommend it to anyone. I like the option of switching between ceramic and quartz since both styles offer their own unique vapor.

KandyPens MINI - $69.99


  • Ceramic Coilless Atomizer

  • Variable Voltage (350F, 390F, 430F)

  • Leak-Proof

  • 950mAh Battery

  • Auto-Shutoff Feature

  • Short and Sturdy Design

KandyPens MINI may be small but its vapor has big flavor.

The ceramic atomizer heats wax at lower temperatures, activating flavor without burning the material.

There’s no coil for wax to get stuck under, so it’s also easier to clean.

This ceramic coil vape pen is extra compact lengthwise with a stout girth.

An added perk: Pass-through charging enables you to vape while you charge.

R2 Rig - $129.99


  • Thick Titanium Coils
  • Large Dual Ceramic Rods
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Remembers Last Temperature
  • Built-in Wax Container
  • USB Charging

R2 Rig is a big ceramic vape with two extra-large heating rods wrapped in thick titanium coils. The hits are way bigger than the average vape pen. It's not exactly like a rig, but close enough. 

Convenience is strong in this one. A ring beneath the atomizer allows you to adjust airflow. And there's a concentrate container built into the bottom of the battery. 

Like most ThisThingRips devices, there's a see-through chamber. You can watch your concentrates vaporize, which is stimulating but not the stealthiest design. The battery also automatically heats to the last setting you used so you don't have to setup every single session. 

I love dab rigs, but I'm not a fan of torches. I also like taking hits on-the-go sometimes. I found R2 Rig a more convenient and portable way to enjoy rips that are more or less equivalent to dabs. 

SOURCE 10Cig Pro - $24.95


  • Black Ceramic Single Rod
  • High-Quality Metal Design
  • Three Temp Settings
  • VERY Compact
  • USB Charging

SOURCE 10Cig Pro is a high-quality version of those pencil-thin vape pens they sell at the dispensary. 

It's not necessarily disposable if you take care of it. The build is made of high-grade metal and you can replace the atomizer. 

Rather than one temp setting, you get three. And you can recharge via USB. The controls are simple with just one button that you click five times to power on and three times to change temperature. 

You get two atomizers: Quartz and black ceramic. Each has titanium alloy coils. The black ceramic coil gave me really smooth and flavorful hits that I did not expect from a little vape. 

I highly recommend Source 10Cig Pro as an affordable ceramic vape. 

Puffco Pro 2 - $79.99


  • Ceramic Rod Atomizer with Titanium Coil
  • Large Chamber
  • Three Temperature Settings
  • Pocket-Friendly
  • Alloy Build

Puffco Pro 2 has nice vapor production and a sleek design. It's similar to the Puffco Plus except the atomizer is ceramic rod instead of ceramic coilless. I love the simplicity and quality of its design. This is how ceramic vapes should look and feel. 

You can load up to .3 grams of material, but I recommend .2 grams. It'll allow your concentrate to make more contact with heat and release more flavor and effects. 

The atomizer is single rod, so the hits aren't too big or small, and the flavor, of course, is better since the wax isn't getting blasted by two heating rods. This ceramic vape heats concentrates a little slower so there's not as much combustion. 

The battery has three settings. It also has Sesh Mode, which keeps the heating element hot for awhile so you can take back-to-back hits without reheating. 

A nice addition to anyone's stash. 

SOURCE Orb 3 - $79.95


  • Six Premium Atomizers
  • 650mAh Battery
  • Variable Voltage (3.3v-3.9v)
  • Titanium Body 

SOURCE Orb 3 is a heavy-duty ceramic vape pen made of titanium. The mouthpiece is an orb, which looks really cool and also extends the airpath and makes it easy to access the atomizer. 

The atomizers are made with medical-grade materials and each offers a different way to vape. The black ceramic double rod absorbs wax into tiny holes so it can really activate potency. The white ceramic has great flavor and creates big, satisfying clouds. You get four more choices and I can honestly say each one is amazing. It's just about what kind of vapor you're looking for. 

There are a few differences between this unit and the SOURCE Orb 4. You'll noticed that the Orb 3 is $20 cheaper. That's because it doesn't have a magnetic lid or adjustable airflow. So if you're looking for a more affordable SOURCE vaporizer and you don't mind losing those features, this is a good choice. 

Roil GEN3 - $64.99


  • Ceramic Coil Atomizer
  • Remembers Last Temperature
  • Five-Second Heating
  • Variable Voltage
  • USB Charging
  • Sleek, Discreet Design

This is the latest version of the Roil from ThisThingRips. They included a new mouthpiece that keeps the chamber hidden. The older version had a see-through chamber, which is still included with the new version. So you can go from stealthy to flashy now.

The battery is upgraded with a set-it-and-forget-it feature that's found in the newer TTR devices. I found this helpful since I vape at the highest setting. I didn't have to reset the temperature at the start of every single session, which was nice. 

A coilless atomizer with a donut makes some very nice vapor. The hits are comfortable, milky, flavorful--everything you expect from a ceramic vape pen. 

This is a nice mid-range option. 

Quartz vs. Ceramic Coil Vapes

I've noticed a debate going on about quartz vs ceramic coils.

My opinion is that they're both great. But they are different enough for us to make a few distinctions:

Ceramic is slower to heat and delivers great flavor. 

Quartz heats faster and makes bigger, harder hits. 

If you're into flavor, go ceramic on low temperatures. For big rips, go quartz on medium to high temperatures. 

I personally like to experiment with different combinations of temperatures and materials until I find the rips I like. 

Are Ceramic Coils Better?

When it comes to allowing the true flavor of your wax to present itself, I've noticed that some believe quartz coils are better than ceramic.

Not necessarily true...

Your atomizer type and temperature settings both make a huge difference in flavor, effects, density, smoothness, and more. It's not just about the material of the heating element.

Here's an example…

Double quartz rods heat hotter and faster, sometimes creating harsher hits. A single quartz on a low-temp, however, will generate smoother, purer clouds. Likewise, coilless ceramic coils generally produce a cleaner, smoother taste by evenly heating wax. But a triple ceramic-rod will blast wax with heat, creating big, robust clouds that can be a little harsh. It's not just the material that comes into play. 

So if you're choosing between a quartz and ceramic coil vape pen, take into consideration the type of atomizer, as well as the voltage or temperature you use.

Quartz or Ceramic Vaping Coil?

There are plenty of recommendable vape pens out there, regardless of whether they’re ceramic or quartz. But if you want great flavor, you may want to go with a ceramic coilless atomizer.