Pax 3 in burgundy, Pax 3 in sandblasted black, and a Pax 3 in matte black being held

New PAX 3 Colors Are Out Now

If you're looking to upgrade your old PAX model, or interested in buying your first one, PAX Labs has released new colorways of their most popular and best performing portable vaporizer ever.

PAX 3 in new colors of burgundy, sage, sand, and onyx

Available in toned down-but-tasteful shades of burgundy, onyx, sage, and sand the PAX 3 has never looked better. If you haven't experienced a session with the PAX 3 yet now is the perfect time to snag a new device and enjoy top of the line vapor from one of the most stylish portable vapes out right now. 

We're going to dive into what makes the PAX 3 such an elite portable vaporizer and show off some of the new colors, let's check it out.

PAX 3 Kits

Since their start in 2012 PAX has been on the forefront of portable vaping. Their last release, the PAX 3, is the pinnacle of their technology and allows users to vape both concentrates and dry herb anywhere they want or need to. 

PAX 3 new colorways group

Either of the PAX 3 Kits is a fantastic option, it just depends on how you plan to enjoy your sessions

Included in the PAX 3 Basic Kit is the PAX 3, and Oven Lid, a flat mouthpiece, raised mouthpiece, cleaning kit, and charging dock. The Basic Kit for the PAX 3 has everything you need to not only enjoy your session but to also make sure your PAX 3 runs at peak performance thanks to the maintenance kit. Your PAX 3 will perform just as well if you get the Basic Kit as if you get the more-accessorized Complete Kit. 

The PAX 3 Complete Kit features everything listed in the PAX 3 Basic Kit, PLUS a concentrate insert to let you enjoy wax inside the PAX, an extra half-oven lid so you can manage your material amounts easier, a multi-tool for easy loading of concentrates, and 3 replacement screens. Everything in the Complete Kit can be purchased standalone as well, in case you just want to snag the Basic and work your way up from there. 

How The PAX 3 Performs 

For such a small device the PAX 3 performs like a desktop unit. The usual heat up time is around 15-20 seconds and you'll experience "small to moderate" draws of vapor after this time, if you wait to the 25-30 second mark you'll start to experience larger draws that give users a "throat feel" when inhaled.

Inside look at the PAX 3 oven chamber

The PAX 3 uses conduction heating better than any other vape on the market today

Figuring out your preferred "vapor timing" only takes a few sessions and allows you to choose your vapor density, personally I prefer how the PAX 3 lets you budget vapor density compared to choosing a preset temp and hoping it works out. 

It's recommended to use a stir tool about halfway through your session to ensure you get flavorful pulls of vapor throughout. 

Inside of the PAX 3 is a 3500mAh battery which will last you throughout the day and deliver around 90 minutes of continuous use, if you want just one long session. 

Using The PAX 3

For dry both dry herb and concentrates using the PAX 3 is a straightforward and easy to understand process. 

Dry herb users will want to make sure their material is ground to a fluffy-but-not-too-fine a grind to allow for maximum airflow during draws. After your perfect grind fill the PAX 3 chamber and replace the mouthpiece and push down once in the center of said mouthpiece.

Hand holding the PAX 3 Vaporizer

With such a compact size the PAX 3 can be enjoyed anywhere

To pick a temperature press and hold down on the PAX 3 mouthpiece for 2 seconds to get the device to into "temperature settings mode", and click then click one more time to cycle through 4 levels of heat which will be displayed on the PAX flower on the front of the device. To exit temp mode once you've found your desired option just shake the device or press down on the mouthpiece again. 

After you've picked your perfect temp just wait a few seconds until the PAX 3 vibrates and you're good to go! 

Concentrate users will go through this same process, but instead of placing their concentrate directly into the PAX 3 oven (do NOT do this) they'll use a concentrate insert to separate the material from the heating chamber. Put about a rice-grain sized dab of concentrate onto the insert and follow the same process as listed above. 

Have You Enjoyed The PAX 3?

The PAX 3 is, simply put, one of the best portable vaporizers out right now. With the ideal combination of portability and performance the PAX 3 is a staple on all Best Vaporizer lists and for good reason. Concentrate and dry herb users will both enjoy vapor from this device, and any of the new colorways are a fantastic addition to your stash box. 

Let us know if you're a newer PAX 3 user or a dedicated PAX-ologist in the comments below, and make sure to be on the lookout for the new colorways dropping this month!


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