KandyPens Oura enail, Puffco Peak enail, and Dr. Dabber SWITCH enail floating in the sky

What Is An Enail?

As the vape-scape has grown the consumption of concentrates with enails has become a streamlined process. Gone are the days of having to scrape your material onto a nail and wield a torch in hopes that your perfect temperature is met, we’ve now entered the digital age of consuming concentrates. 

Enails (sometimes known as erigs) are ideal for concentrate users because of their ability to produce a consistent temperature. The aforementioned torch method leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to consistency, users have to play kind of a “guessing game” as the nail heats up to ensure thorough vaporization. Thanks to the wonders of technology, enails provide a consistent concentrate experience every time. 

These devices have been around long enough to evolve into portable devices, allowing for elite concentrate consumption on the go. Let’s breakdown how the original enail worked and take a look at where the technology stands today.

How Does An Enail Work?

old enail rig

Thankfully the design of enails has been streamlined... 

The original enail design was a heating box, coil, and nail with the titanium nail attaching to your banger. Simple right? An included heating coil would heat up the titanium nail, then transfer the heat to your banger through conduction (touching the hot surface directly to the surface that is being heated). From there users would use their rig as if they were enjoying a torch-fueled concentrate session, but with unprecedented temperature control.

By using an enail you’re giving yourself the chance to enhance your flavor experience. The ability to pinpoint your temperature allows for the full exploration of your concentrate, giving you different tastes and experiences based on the degree. Conserving material is easier too, since you won’t ever be surprised by a white-hot nail that unexpectedly vaporizes too much of your material at once.

What Is A Portable ENail?

Enjoying an enail at home is all well and good, but what about people who want the ultimate concentrate experience on-the-go? That’s where portable enails and erigs come into play.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH enail outdoors

Leading vaporizer companies like AUXO and Puffco have poured countless R&D hours into developing portable enails that deliver traditional rig-like draws whenever the user might want them. These devices utilize water-filtration but remain portable thanks to the amount needing to be used relatively small and easily disposed of when finished.

These devices are sometimes called “erigs”, short for “electric rig”. The names “enail” and “erig” are considered borderline interchangeable, as they are both electronic devices engineered to allow you to vaporize concentrates using a water filtration system.

What is a Good E-nail Temperature?

Enails can sometimes reach temperatures of over 1,000 degrees °F in a matter of seconds. The best temperature will vary depending on your temperature preferences and your smoking materials.

For terpenes, such as limonene, the best temperature range is from 348 °F to 388 °F. If you want to get the most out of your concentrates, 311°F (155 C) is a good temperature, and 329 °F for CBD. Depending on the concentrate and effects you're trying to achieve, the temperature may vary.

The Best E-nails on the Market

We’re going to breakdown a few of our favorite enails below, you might notice not all of them have precision temperature control, this is due to portability being a priority. An enail with preset temperatures will provide options for those who put a premium on flavor and cloud chasers. Any of these options will give you rig-like draws, it’s just a matter of picking how you want them delivered.

G Pen Connect 

G Pen Connect enail inside water pipe

Starting off our list of favorite enails is the G Pen Connect Vaporizer. While the name says "vaporizer", this device is pure enail at heart. Any water piece with a glass-to-glass collection is transformed into a powerful e-rig that manufactures dense vapor clouds. The ceramic heating element is inert, so now outside flavors get introduced into your material. 

The Connect may be small, but inside the sleek all-black body is an 850mAh battery with three voltage options. Users who put a preference on flavor will find the 3.1v (green light) a good option, those wanting a middle ground between flavor and thickness can opt for the 3.6v (green light), and for large clouds the 4.1v (red light) will allow for deep draws. 


G Pen Roam Vaporizer 

Lemonnade x G Pen Roam ENail

Introducing the G Pen Roam, a portable vaporizer designed specifically for concentrates, offering durable water filtration, housed in a sturdy, ergonomic shell. This device features a glass hydro-tube, ingeniously inserted within the body of the Roam, ensuring not only convenient portability but also delivering purified and cooled vapor for a smoother draw.

The power behind the Roam is a robust 1300mAh lithium-ion battery, capable of fast charging, offering usability during the charging process, and lasting for a whole day of vaping or approximately 20 sessions. The Roam efficiently heats up quickly and cools down after a 30-second heat duration to conserve battery life. Its full charging process is completed within 90 minutes, and the removable battery feature ensures uninterrupted vaporizing sessions.

The Roam also boasts a quartz tank, known for its superior performance in flavor preservation compared to titanium tanks or heating elements. The exterior of Roam showcases three functional buttons, temperature controls, and a switch. An LED screen displays the vaporizer status, and the temperature can be adjusted in 25 ºF intervals. 


Puffco Peak 

Puffco Peak enail

Another of the “next-gen” enails is the Puffco Peak. The Peak is known for consistent heating and an elevated flavor experience. The medical-grade ceramic bowl is inert, keeping any outside flavors out of your draws. A borosilicate glass water attachment cools your vapor, relieving you of any harsh “throat hit” that might happen. Four preset temperatures offer different experiences for those who might prefer flavor over density.

The ceramic bowl atomizer has very high heat retention, so your temperature won’t fall in-between draws. Any enail that can maintain temperature will help you conserve material and deliver consistent results. The Puffco Peak represents one of the simplest, most portable enails available today.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH 

Dr. Dabber SWITCH enail

Behold, the only enail (or vaporizer) to use induction heating, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH. The SWITCH’s induction heating system uses electromagnetic waves to create heat within the induction cups only, eliminating the need for atomizers and creating sub-5 second heat-up times. The SWITCH can vaporize both dry herb and concentrates, making it one of the more versatile enails out.

There are 25 calibrated heat settings for dry herb AND concentrates, making this a borderline “precision temperature-controlled” enail. This is definitely not a novice vaporizer, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is for those who have been vaping for a while and want to expand their horizons. To learn more about induction heating, we have a very in-depth explanation of all the SWITCH’s capabilities here.

Do You Need An ENail?

If you're looking to enjoy concentrates in the easiest way possible, while still getting "desktop style" cloud density then you need to snag a new enail. The efficiency of the newest devices makes sessions a breeze and let you get to enjoying tasty vapor faster than ever. Make sure to check our ENail Collection every now and then as we stay stocked with the most popular and newest enails.