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Vaporizer reviews are a crucial aspect of picking the right device for you. Here at we try our best to review every new product that comes across our desks to keep you informed and equipped with all necessary knowledge for your next purchase. We don’t have a rating system for’s vaporizer reviews, instead opting for a more holistic look at the device and how it would fit into your routine.


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On-the-go concentrate users can browse our vape pen reviews to find the perfect device for their next commute or adventure.Vape pens are more geared towards concentrate users, with fill-it-yourself or pre-filled 510-threaded cartridges. From current vape pens like the Nova, to older models like the Yocan Revolve, we’ve got your vape pen reviews covered.

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Today’s desktop vaporizers can efficiently vaporize both dry herb and concentrate to deliver thick and flavorful vapor. If you enjoy vaping in a large group they provide more than enough power, and in some cases like the Dr. Dabber SWITCH a fun light show during use. It’s been awesome to see desktop vaporizers grow in capabilities as vaporizers have evolved, and staying current on the latest devices is a must for true enthusiasts.

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As vaporizer technology moves forward portable vaporizers are becoming more and more relied upon. Elite portable vaporizers effectively vaporize dry herb and concentrates while providing robust flavor and dense vapor. Units like the Ghost MV1 have lightening quick heat up times and convenient performance-boosting accessories.

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We’ve got reviews for a myriad of vaporizers on our blog and keep it updated at minimum on a weekly basis. Check back regularly if you’re thinking of buying a new device, or search for your desired product review if you have an older model you want to pick up.

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